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Misc. and discoveries

Winter has been hanging on far too long in my considered opinion. However, I did enjoy it on thursday! We had lots of snow (think almost 6 inches or so), and since I only have a first period class on thurdays (makes for very long days...sigh), I had a snowball fight with some of the boys from the 1-1 and 1-2 classes. I held my own too! 'twas most fun! Yay! If all of the winter could have been like that, I wouldn't complain so much about being cold. Now it's starting to act like spring, my bonsai is putting out leaves (still in bud form but I can see the grean unfurling) and it was almost warm today.

Speaking of today, I found the very coolest, tiny art shop. AND, it's really close to my apartment! I've been having creative spasms lately and I've decided I want to do some acrylic paintings...acrylic is not a very common medium here (at least judging by what sorts of art supplies are available in the big department stores). I'd looked in all the big stores and came up with nothing, not even heavy watercolor paper that was big enough. I remembered walking past this tiny art shop before winter break but I wasn't sure I could find it again. Today I went looking, and I found it! It is so cool, I think they give lessons too, judging by their sign, but I found what I was looking for (paint, brushes, gesso, paper...though the paper is bound in a sketchbook form, I'll have to cut pieces out as I use them), and the proprietor gave me a tiny brush for detailing free! (because I spent so much ^_~) So, yay! I have art supplies again! Finding masking tape was another quest, aparantly it's only used for I found it in the paint isle at kanseki (hardware and assorted stuff), not with the other tape. So now I'm all ready to start...I think I'll prime a few pieces of paper now, they might dry before tonight and I could sketch out some designs...

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