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spring? maybe.....

Not too much to say, it looks like spring is finally making it's way to Japan, and by extension Kanuma. The plum and apricot trees are blooming and my little bonsai is putting out leaves. The weather is alternating between cold winter days and warmer windy spring ones. I had a great walk along the river last wednesday because of the later. Yesterday was soccer practice, I'm so sore doesn't help that I've got a bruse on my upper calf from being kicked. Tomorrow is not going to be very fun if I'm this stiff today.

  • Book!

    It came!!!! Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

  • long job this

    the mold is done! now it just has to cure. and maybe I need to fill in a couple air bubble holes. Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

  • achievements!

    There was nearly epic shopping today. I have replaced the surge protector for my computer (not by choice. the 'I'm broken' alarm went off last…

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