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damn schizoid weather...

I'm finally fighting my first cold here in Japan and I think it's due to the bipolar weather we are currently experiencing. It's almost april and it was SNOWING three days ago! It's also really windy whenever it's otherwise nice (meaning that a day that looks absolutly wonderful from inside has a windchill factor of freezing!). So I blame my cold on that. On the positive side, it appears that I am not allergic to japanese cedar (thank goodness for small favors), as many of my coworkers and students are miserable and I have no symptoms.

Speaking of students, I'm on spring break now which means that the school year is over and when I go back (in about 2 weeks) I will have all new students. I am both sad and excited about this. Sad because I'll miss teaching some of my old students and excited because I get to work with this new group from the beginning! I also have a new textbook...which I hate...I predict that we will be doing many lessons without using the book as more than a topic generator.

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