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I'm so tired...this weekend was the Tochigi soccer tournament and I just got home recently.  I was playing for the Foxes this time, instead of the Vixins.  We played really well, unfortunatly we didn't score any goals.  There were four games the first day (too many if you ask me).  The scores were: 0-1, 0-1, 0-0 (1-2 in penaltys) and 0-1.  I couldn't play in the last game because I'd been injured in the third game against Mie.  On a breakaway, I collided with the keeper and, going down, she stepped on my foot and I did a spectacular slide, roll fall (aparantly someting to see from the sidelines), landing on my left hand and shoulder.  When I got up my left side was covered with dirt, grass and lime (from crossing the goal box line).  It didn't hurt much just after it happened but a few minutes later my I couldn't put any pressure on the top of my toes, so I couldn't wear my cleats, much less actually kick the ball.  I took care of it last night and it was all right this morning so I was able to play in our game today ( that's right, just one...another loss 0-1), however, now my hand hurts more.   I think I must have jammed the joints of my pinky on that hand or something...not fun.  Over all, the tournament was great, I really enjoyed playing some real soccer, everyone has come together as a team pretty well, we just need to work on shooting and stamina.


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