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Golden Week far

Ok, I got back from my planned Golden week trip late on Sunday, so here's what happened ^_^

Friday - Got a ride to the Utsunomiya JR station from Tara, so nice not to have to walk to the JR station in Kanuma!  She was going camping with Cat and Will so she needed to be there the same time I needed to be in Uts, yay!  From there I met up with 4 of the other girls who were going out to Fuji with me.  Very nice, all of them.  We got on a train to Shinjuku (partway the last memeber of the group joined us) and the adventure started from there (and yes,  I mean "adventure" in all the potentially disasterous meaning of the word).  One of the girls had forgotten shinkansen tickets that she needed to bring and had to go home for them; on the next leg of our trip, from Shinjuku to Otsuki, our train was delayed by an hour due to an accident ahead of us and a brake check.  We eventually got into Kawaguchiko almost 2 hours later than we had expected to.....sigh....  From here things were much smoother.  We did some sightseeing in Kawaguchiko, walking down to the lake and going on a swan boat ride!  My back was so sore from the boats, they are pedal boats, you see, and my legs are a bit longer than they were designed for...that, combined with the very low seat backs, meant that I was grinding my lower back across the top of the rigid plastic bench seat.  For all the discomfort, it was lots of fun AND the view of Fuji from out in the lake was spectacular!  After the boats we went back to the train and went a couple of stations to where our hotel was.  In actuality, we stayed at a really nice little ryokan called Inn Fujitomita.  It's run by an extended family, they pick you up at the train station (necessary because it's a bit away from there, it would be a really long walk), and they speak english!  Very nice, I highly reccomend it.


Saturday - After being taken back to the train station in the morning, after breakfast, we took a bus to the Hana no Miyako park.  This place is known for it's tulips and was quite nice, with a conservatory (sort-of) and waterfalls, you could even go underground and see some of the old Fuji lave formations.  We stayed there almost all day.  Eventually we went back to the ryokan.

tulip garden

Sunday - At this point we all split up to do different things.  After checking out and going back to the train station, three girls went to the Fuji-Q highlands theme park, two headed back to Tokyo and I got on a bus to the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum.  Itchiku Kubota was a master in tsujigihana kimono dying.  It was so cool!  I'm really glad I went, even if it was a pain to get back since the bus to the museum only comes every 3 hours or so (I had to hike back to the main road).  I got a really cool book with lots of pretty pictures...too bad all the commentary is in Japanese ^_^  After all that, I mad my way back to Tokyo and Shinjuku.  From there I went home, by way of Shibuya and the Tower Records there....I miss librarys soooooooo much!


This is the entrance.

mask sculpture

...part of the garden inside, I was impressed.

main building

The main Itchiku building.

All in all, a very good three days, but I still have 5 days of Golden week left....I wonder what I should do now....


Look! it's Fuji!

Be prepared, it's image heavy.


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