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and for my next post...

"...and I sat around all day waiting for packages to arrive. ^_^..."

No really...

Well, today seems to be a day of frustration. I was trying to pay my rent for this month (which is hideously expensive in comparison with what it will be for the rest of my stay because the prefecture won't start to subsidize it until next month) and the office lady (who is extremely nice) and I couldn't understand each other at all. So after alot of embarassed pantomime on both of our parts, we went in search of an english teacher who wasn't in class...and didn't find one...apparantly they are an endangered breed. So I sat there, at my desk, and waited for class to be over so I could pay my rent and go home to wait for the mail. I am expecting three packages today and if I'm not there when they arrive then I'll have to call the post office to get them sent out again (an activity that always takes awhile because they have to find an english speaker so I can tell them my address and phone number).

It's been pretty cool today (I'm wearing 3/4 sleeves for the first time). I think it's because of the typhoons that are moving in over the pacific. There are two heading our way now.


So, for anyone who cares, I got my packages (but I still had to call the post office for two of them) and I wen't out and bought a printer. The one that was leftover from previous JETs wasn't compatable with XP, and neither was the scanner *sigh*...I'll put that one on the list for later. I've also been having trouble with my computer. I went through about 2 hours today where it wouldn't boot. It'd get through the XP load screen and just when the sign in screen would be coming up, there'd be a click and the entire boot process would start all over again. I think I've finally got it fixed but we'll see when I reboot this thing again.

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