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Short update tonight. I just got back from a really nice pre-birthday celebration (since I'll be at a orientation on my birthday, we leave tomorrow morning). The party wasn't all that complicated, just sitting around with the other 4 ALTs (Tara & Leigh Ann, who are returning JETs, Jacq who is here for two years on an embassy exchange, and Jessica who arrived with me) and drinking wine (and other things) and eating cheese and crackers (there isn't nearly the range of cheese here and it's really expensive). The really nice thing is that Jacq made me a cake (great stuff! the "icing" was 1/4 inch thick chocolate that cracked as I cut it) and they all made me a card. It's nice to feel celebrated.

  • Book!

    It came!!!! Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

  • long job this

    the mold is done! now it just has to cure. and maybe I need to fill in a couple air bubble holes. Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

  • achievements!

    There was nearly epic shopping today. I have replaced the surge protector for my computer (not by choice. the 'I'm broken' alarm went off last…

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