August 20th, 2004

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I've been giving my fellow english teachers at Kanuma koko advice/instruction on how to use varous words and sentance constructions. They just come up to me with problems from their students workbooks. This seems a bit strange since I never really knew how it all worked in the first place. I'm having to verbalize rules that I've only known on an instinctual level. I also had to attempt to explain "cool as a cucumber" and "poor as a churchmouse", not just what they meant but why they came about!

It's been really windy today, a product of the typhoon that is passing/will pass over Hokkaido these next few days. The sky is completely blue and it's still very hot.

Today I also went to my last school, Kanuma Nogyo koko (an agricultural school). There are only two english teachers and I have to go there the first and the third tuesdays of the month (Awano koko is the second and fourth tuesdays). It was a bit odd meeting my coworkers there, at Kanuma koko all the english teachers at least try to speak english to me and at Awano they spoke some english too, but at Kanuma nogyo they spoke maybe two or three sentences of english in all the time I was there. Even after they were told that I didn't speak any Japanese. I hope that we will be able to anderstand each other when school starts.
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