September 6th, 2004

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Random sampling...

Taken from work notes, 9/2 and 9/3:

It is raining again. It rained this morning as I was coming to school and it is dumping buckets now. I am so bored. My only class today was first thing in the morning and I've had the rest of my day to sit here at my desk and look through textbooks and correct worksheets (which only took about 45 minutes). Mr. Kikuchi also gave me all the compositions from his class to correct. They were supposed to write about summer vacation and self introductions. What would have taken him most of the dat (probably) took me about an hour. I need to find something I can do at my desk that is portable and doesn't shut me off from the students and other teachers (cross stitch maybe, but the kit would have to be sent from home so I could read the directions).

Little green frog! I saw a very cute green frog on the way back from Jess' place, it was about an inch long, like a larger version of Diana's magnets.

I'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed. Today Soma sensei asked me to make the listening test for ni-nensei (2nd year students). I've bever made any kind of test before and I need to have it for the 8th when we will record it. I've been given alot of books and resourses so it shouldn't be too hard, but still... Also the first time to go my first visit school is tuesday (that's tomorrow as I type this) and I'm a bit worried about getting there. I'm going to ride my bike and I hope it doesn't rain. I also have no idea about what to expect as it's my lowest level school (Kanuma nogyo, the agricultural school). And after tuesday I'll start teaching regular lessons at Kanuma high and I don't know how that's going to work either! So ask after me in a weeks time and if I haven't gone off the deep end then I'll probably be fine.
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