September 15th, 2004

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Communication goodness...

I have a new cell phone! It's all shiny and green and has a camera and internet built in. It also has a TV option but that only works in closer proximity to Tokyo. It's a vodaphone model and it's great, now I can use the internet option to access the routfinder for trains and stuff fo I can find my way around on public transport if I'm not sure what to do. (one of the reasons for getting a phone). AND I can stay in contact with other JETs (who seem to be perenially late to everything). I had to sign up for a contract, so I'll have to pay something like 4000 yen when I leave (if it's after 1 year)but that was cheaper than buying the phone without the contract discount. So, yay I have a phone! And I didn't have to figure out how to do it by myself, Oyama sensei (my supervisor) wen't with me and did the parts of the forms that needed to be in Japanese and translated between the sales staff and myself. It's done now! I don't have to worry about it until I have to cancel it!
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