September 20th, 2004

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Baby throwing festival

Yesterday was the Baby throwing festival here in Kanuma (actually it took place at a shrine between Kanuma and Awano). In this festival parents bring any child which has been born the previous year and some guys dressed as sumo wrestlers (it used to be real sumo wrestlers but not anymore) take the kid and lift them high into the air, with the priest behind them, three times. The baby that cries is supposed to be ensured good health. It was kinda interesting to watch, there were alot of kids there (since the birth rate is declining, I wonder how far some of those families had to come).

Not much else went on yesterday, today I have the day off (it's Respect the Aged Day) so Jacq and Tara and I were thinking of driving up toward Nikko to look at the leaves which are supposed to have just turned up that way. Maybe we'll even stop in at Nikko itself, you never know. Tuesday I have to go out to nogyo again, not really looking forward to it but I think I have an idea that should make it better than last time.
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