October 30th, 2004

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club party

Yesterday was the English Club's Halloween party. We held it after school in the OC class room and 8 students came, so including me there were 9 of us. It was fun, we did bobbing for apples in bowls borrowed from the home-ec class and a mystery box where you reach into a box and try to identify what is inside. The first thing was a plastic bust of JarJar Binks which was pretty hard to identify but not impossible (I figured it out, as did two of the students), the second thing was a pretty discusting combination of plastic model car bits, fabric, ground up red watercolor, water and something theat smelled pretty gross (dunno what that was), no one guessed the complete ingredients of that one (we figured out the plastic bits and the fabric). At the end of the party we played musical chairs, I set myself a goal that I wouldn't let the only boy in the group win that, and he didn't. The whole thing only lasted about 1.5 hours or so, we got kicked out of the school at 5:30 because they wanted to lock up our part of the building. I had fun, and I think I've formed closer ties with these kids because of it too. It also looks like that will be my only Halloween party for the year, not much is going on here in Kanuma about Halloween. I did get to dress up (I wore my cranberry dress with the pointed sleaves and the really full skirt) and I wore my costume all day. That was a good thing too because I went up to see the home-ec teachers and they really apriciated the dress and now i know that I can use the sewing machines whenever I want and one of them is going to teach me how to make Yukata. They also are going to send the owner od a fabric store my way when he shows up at school next so I'll have a source for fabric too!

On a side note- I went out and bought a small heater and an electric carpet today so I shouldn't be as cold as I've been this week. I'm really not looking forward to winter.
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