November 24th, 2004

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Elementary visit...

Today was my first visit to an elementary school. The school is very close to me, just down the road towards Fukudaya, just past Jacq and Jessica's places. I was a bit nervous leading into it because I hadn't been given very much information about what to expect. All I knew was that I was going to be teaching a class of 4th graders for about an hour. Last night I called Jacq and asked her for some ideas (she only teaches elementary) and she gave me some of her materials (namely large and small pictures of vegetables and animals). It was fun today once everything got going. There were two other teachers visiting besides myself (one from Italy and one from China). I taught my section of the class, we did Fruit Basket with the animals and vegies in turn. I think the kids really enjoyed it. They were very lively! After the class I had lunch with my kids (nothing too interesting, just fish, rice, milk and some chicken/egg thing). After that we were supposed to leave but first I got a picture of the class I worked with. All in all, it was a pretty enjoyable way to spend a day.

Now I have to go back into school to correct homework....ugh...
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