April 1st, 2005

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this should be interesting o_O

On sunday I will be going to Kawasaki for a local festival. Some of you may have heard about it, it seems to have quite the reputation in tourist circles. It's name is the Kanamara matsuri, otherwise known as the festival of the steel phallus. It should be quite interesting and probably lots of fun ^_~. I will update after I come back (since I'm still on spring break).

Speaking of spring break, I've met one of the new teachers, the one who will be my supervisor for this year, but not the other. These two new english teachers are both men and I will be teaching with both of them. The one I haven't met yet is 24 and a completely new teacher, this is his first teaching job (I didn't meet him today at the english dept meeting because he had an entrance ceremony for new employees). School officially starts on friday, one week from now, with the opening ceremony. The day before is the entrance ceremony for the new freshmen, and classes start the next monday (after the Tochigi soccer tournament, strangely enough...lots of exciting things all at one time).
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