June 29th, 2005

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Tama chan!

Yesterday I met the newest "member" of the Kanuma ALT community, her name is Tama-chan and she is (we think) six weeks old, though she's so small she looks younger. Jacq found her on monday wandering in a field on the way back from her school, mostly blind (eye infections), malnutritioned and suffering from the flu. In case you haven't guessed by now, this is a young one of the feline persuasion ^_^. She is quite cute and doing much better, by the time I met her yesterday she had some vision back in one of her eyes and was actually showing interest in her surroundings. I had the honor of being the first person she actually investigated on her own (I'd seated myself on the tatami when this little ball of fur wobbled over to me and began to take inventory of just about everything on my person, she actually climbed up into my lap!), and aparantly my fingers are the newest thing in kitten treats as she bit me no less than four times (not breaking the skin, but I declined to offer her any more fleshly tidbits). Jacq will not be keeping her but will be looking for a good home once she is well (should be about a month or so, the vet seems to think she has excellent prospects). I will also be kitten sitting this soon to be tiny terror for about two days next month (as both Jacq and Tara will be out of town, and as long as I duct tape my screens closed, I can leave my doors open so the apartment won't turn into an oven while I'm at school). I don't have any pictures of Tama-chan now, but I will try to remember to take some next time I see her.

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