July 4th, 2005

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Yesterday and the day before, I got to spend time with my brother. Yes, you read that correctly, Ross is/was here in Japan (he flies home tomorrow). On friday I got off work early and took the train to meet him in Tokyo. The hotel was in Ikebukuro and I wasn't too worried about finding it so I only took the simple map the hotel website offers. Boy was that a mistake! I wandered around Ikebukuro for about half an hour (I'd never been there before, you see) and had to ask direcions twice before I found the place. The police at the koban just outside the station were very little help (besides confining my search to a general quadrant) but the nice people at Lawsons, with the wonderful map of the ward, were lifesavers. When I finally got to the hotel (a note to all of you, if you ever need to find the Sunshine city prince hotel, I now know where it is), there was no sign of Ross or any of the other orchestra kids. It turns out they had been stuck in traffic and were an hour later than they had planned to be. So it didn't matter that I had gotten lost because he was later than I was. From there we headed back to Kanuma, after dealing with a rather rude station employee while buying Spacia tickets at Kitasenju.

Yesterday I gave him a brief tour of Kanuma and then we headed back into Tokyo. We wandered around Tokyo all day basically, the only constraint being that I had to catch the last train back at 9:10. Ross bought a sword in one of the Asakusa shrine market shops, I'm just waiting for the story of how he's going to get that back into the US (mostly because it's too long to fit in his bag). I also took him to the Meiji shrine (thanks for showing me that dmt81 ), mostly for the forest.  He was also suitably impressed by the Kinokunia in Shinjuku.  After that very long day I dropped him off at the hotel, said my good byes and headed home.

And now we come to the title of this post.  Why sore? do you ask....well, I have been walking, almost continuously, for the better part of two days.  My legs, especially my knees, hate me now.  Particularly on my left side, for whatever reason, the stiffness is such that normal walking is no longer an option (at least not after I've been sitting for a while).  I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow, I'm not going to be moving too well at school. ^_^;

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