July 15th, 2005

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internet goodness

Yay! I'm back online! (Not that any of you will have noticed that I wasn't, since I never get to talk with you...stupid time difference -_- ) But anyway! My dear old ethernet card/connector (not sure which one since they only come together) finally bit the dust. I got up in the morning to discover that lovely little notification window, telling me that a network cable was unplugged.....but it wasn't! AHHHHHHH, NOES! So, thinking it was the connector (since I've broken both the little plastic tabs off the sides already) I took it to Kojima Denki (electronics/computer store) to get a replacement.....nai...they didn't have anything resembling it anywhere in the store. So I asked the nice sales people for help (in my very rudimentary japanese) and they confered.... The upshot of it all is that aparantly they don't sell that kind of connector because it's ancient tech and all ethernet cards are "dangleless" now...so I have a new card and I am re-connected to the net. (otherwise how would I be telling you all of this?) I also now know that Kojima has at least one english speaker on staff (well he knows a little english) because they hunted him up for me so he could explain that my connector was ancient and no longer really existed. He was really nice about it and in the course of the conversation, I found out that he'd studied in SanDiego for awhile. So, that was my internet adventure ^_^ Plus! now my connection is faster, go figure.
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