August 31st, 2005

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and the wheel turns...

Today was my first day of classes. I think it went pretty well, I only had one class ask me to speak slower, I think that's pretty good for having spent practically my entire vacation with native english speakers (it's a recurrent issue, whenever I spend time with native speakers my speach speeds back up to normal...I'm not the only one either). Tomorrow I'm going to meet some of the people at my newest visit school, Kanuma shoko (the commercial school)...I'm supposed to start going this friday, unless they say differently. It's pretty close to here, just behind Shinkanuma station, but I'll probably ride my bike in the mornings anyway.

As for that big update I promised all of you, the one with the travel summary and the's still not done yet (gomen!), but I did spend time today uploading the pics I want to use, so it has progressed. I'll probably even do a couple of posts since I have about 40 pics I want to share (out of around 300, and that's just the ones I took, I haven't even gotten the ones from Virginia yet!).