October 17th, 2005

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120 down, 160 to go

So I had today off....only not really. Since my students took my test last thursday, I have 280 tests to correct. Now, I don't have to go into school and sit at my desk to do this, but I still have to correct them all x_x. It's actually more done than the subject suggests (I've finished all the multiple choice parts, now I'm doing the essay sections...which take more than twice as long), but I'm so tired now.

Ok, break and whining is over now, back to the papers (somebody shoot me...please....)
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Cat - dark profile


Ok, this is a question for those of you who actually know what I look like. ^_^ I've been thinking of getting my hair cut, how do some long bangs sound? (think chin length cuts...not exactly bangs but you get the idea) I think it's about time for a change...

Not sure if I'm going to trust the stylists here, I may wait until I go home in December >_<.
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