October 21st, 2005

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Hmmm...since I have internet at work at least once a week I've been posting more rambling junk...I'm sure you all just NEED to know what's going through my mind at any given moment. ~_~;

The youngest english teacher at Kanuma shoko quit, no one told me why (they may not know either) and I had my first class with his replacement this morning...it was not really good. He seems to expect me to run his class for him (I do not lead classes at this school, in fact, I don't even know which classes I'll be teaching until the day before ususally). The class dragged...alot...and I have another one with him today (not looking forward to it). *sigh* Ah well, life goes on, and the other teachers are cool here so it's not too bad.

Note to self: remember to text Futoshi about this Saturday...must not forget!

Edit - 5:44 pm - I didn't forget, and he's coming this time!!!!
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