November 5th, 2005



This meme is by makaeru , I figure since lj ate my reply last time she tagged me, I'd better do this one.  ^_~

One rule before I start, for both sets of questions, you must add another word/sentence, so the meme grows.

What's the first word that springs to mind for the following words?
01) Carrot:
02) Black: shadows
03) Methylenebisacrylamide: chemistry
04) Containment: restraint
05) Octopi: crunchy
06) Entertainment: JE

Finish these sentences (they don't have to be truthful, first thing that comes to mind is good)
01) When I grow up, I wanna be...
a costume designer
02) I like curly wurlys's a cool name.
03) I used to think...I could only follow.
04) Now I know...I can also lead.
05) People think I'm crazy because...I am.
06) I've never been...hungover.

Say your full name out loud to yourself and count the number of syllables. That's how many people you're tagging. Also, you must describe the person in one word.
I have 6, so I'm tagging:

karradar -leo

lothlithlu -contained

maig -roommate!

tenaya_lynn -scrapbook queen

davetheturnip -funny

elanamaa -determined