January 16th, 2006

Cat - dark profile

*gasp* She speaks! *applause*

Well, I'm back in Japan again.  In fact, I've been back for just over a week now, since the 8th.

Getting back into teaching wasn't so hard this year, at least on my part (falling back into old patterns much? at least it works in my favor here).  But many of my students seem to have forgotten every scrap of english listening skills they ever possessed! *mentally shakes certain repeat troublemakers*  I swear they should know better by now, my rules haven't changed in the slightest since December, they should remember what I expect of them!  As of today, I've taught all my classes once...maybe they'll settle down soon.

Personally, not much has been going on recently...though I do have an announcement...*clears throat*  I will be remaining in Japan for the next year and a half, finishing out the entirety of my possible contract, visit while you can!  (and so I inflict myself on Kanuma for the term of another contract *muahaha*)

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