January 30th, 2006

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I just got out of an extremely disagreable "extra" job that the board of education was trying to foist off on me! It would have been this wednesday and would have shorted some of my classes a lesson right before their final test! >_<; I was called about it half an hour after I got home and Odabayashi sensei was unfortunatly stuck in the middle translating between Kocho-sensei and myself..."Maybe you can just shorten the test, or teach two lessons in one class" he says (brilliant idea, two lessons crammed into 50 minutes...I'm sure they'll remember both for the test!....not..)...eventually there was discussion that needed to happen with the BOE so I was waiting for Odabayashi sensei to call back and let me know the result. She just called back and let me know that the BOE had "given up" (her words, not mine)...yes!

I had to do a little victory dance. The teachers triumph over the administrators!
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