February 17th, 2006


not really nervose

So today is friday, right? That means english club, so I come back to Kanuma HS after finishing at K.Shoko. However, today it was canceled (but nobody told me) and I didn't feel like going home yet (all the teachers were in a meeting and I needed to get into the sewing room so I had to wait anyway), so I played some soccer with members of the track and field club for about an hour.

When we finished (meaning they had to do actual track and field stuff) I went to the teachers room, to see if the sewing room was open. Aparantly my shirt had loosened around the neck from the soccer, or how I was carrying my bag, but anyway...Souma sensei and a student I didn't recognise saw a bit of my tattoo. I've been pretty careful about showing it at school (meaning that no one there has seen it at all before), since it's kinda frowned upon...

I'm a good ALT and I know that none of my english teachers would care (Souma sensei thought it was cool, after he asked me if it was real)...and I don't think the administration would say anything....it's just something I didn't want to have to deal with....*sigh* I knew it would get spotted eventually, I just thought I'd be able to go more than two months before it happened...oh well.

I have bruises coming up on both of my ankles...joy...teach me to play soccer without my shin-guards.