December 12th, 2006

sinfest - being alive

more heating woes

It is now official, my aircon/heater is broken T_T It is actually forming ice on the outside part as it operates (no one had ever heard of this happening before, if I hadn't taken a picture I'm not sure they would have believed me). So, what that means is that the heater works for about half an hour (depending on variables) and by then it has iced up enough that it stops functioning and I have to turn it off for about 20 minutes...until the ice has melted and I can restart the cycle agan......

I am getting a whole new aircon/heater setup (inside and outside bits) on next Tuesday.'s going to be a cold week.... (but I won't be here Friday to Sunday ^_____^ .....Osaka......Yasu.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
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