January 15th, 2008

suba yasu - not sharing

JE meme's (stolen from mousapelli)

The English version of the JE ranking meme:
I would like you to notice mousie, that all the littlest ones are near the bottom XP.

Also, I'm sure no one is surprised by my first seven.  If you are.....how do we know each other again?

1 Shibutani Subaru
2 Yasuda Shota
3 Maruyama Ryuhei
4 Nishikido Ryo
5 Ohkura Tadayoshi
6 Yokoyama Yu
6 Murakami Shingo
8 Ikuta Toma
8 Sakurai Sho
Collapse )

And the second one:

spurious's JE Pairing Ranking Script:

1 Subaru/Yasu
2 Ryo/Ohkura
3 Yoko/Hina
4 Yasu/Ohkura
5 Subaru/Hina
6 Ryo/Uchi
7 Toma/Yamapi
8 Subaru/Ohkura
9 Takki/Tsubasa
10 Tegoshi/Massu
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There are some very odd pairings on that list, to my thinking.