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Day trip to Nikko and preceeding adventures

Ok, I'm finally going to start the saga you've all been waiting for (if you haven't been waiting, I don't want to hear it >_<).  We join our brave adventurers at the Narita airport where they are boarding the bus back to Tochigi-ken and home...

The bus back from the airport took forever, seriously, we were about 2 hours late getting into Utsunomiya.  It was a good thing that we got the bus we did or we might have missed the last train back to Kanuma.  Also, we took back roads instead of the expressway...I have no idea why.  Anyway, here's a pic of Virginia on her first day in Japan, doesn't look too jet lagged does she? (I always say that comming this direction isn't too bad, it's going towards the States that kills you.)  Eventually we did get home and V crashed almost as soon as I got her futon set up.

A couple of days later, we went north to Nikko.  The red lacquer bridge was unwrapped some months ago as they finally finished repairing it.  Very pretty, yes?  We also went to the Toshogu shrines and temples of course.  It was beautiful and crouded as always.  There were lots of elementary school children this time.  After some hours we came back down to the main street and did a little shopping.  Sadly, the used/antique kimono place I like seems to have moved or closed T_T.

That evening we went out to Shin chan's with everyone and V got to meet the other ALT's (not all are JET's).  I had lots of fun and I think she enjoyed it too.

Next - Tokyo questing

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