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I am so unbelivably sore right now, and I know it will only get worse tomorrow. The tournament went pretty well, we had great weather for it (a little too sunny, so say the backs of my knees and my forehead >_< ). The Weasels (guys team) didn't do too well this year (quite a few of their star players left this year, so it'll take a bit to get back up to par), but the Foxes did really well! We placed 7th in the championship bracket!! Not only that, but we only lost two games and no team scored more than two goals against us! I think we've got a great team for this year.

So, I had a great time, but 5 games over the course of 2 days, even if they are short, really take it out of you. I could barely walk this morning and I have developing bruises just above my knee and on my upper arm (both ball impacts from a distance of about 2-3 feet), they'll be pretty spectacular later this week.

This weekend is the Kanuma fall festival, last year there was a typhoon on the first day but it still went on. This year, the Kanuma ALT's have been invited to join one of the festival groups. I'll be helping to pull one of the yatai's, should be fun ^_^. There is a meeting about it on wednesday, so I'll know more after that.

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