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I'm on a roll!

Since there's only one more full day left of the Kyoto part of my saga...and not too much you go.

Day 4 in Kyoto

If you remember, we'd been frusterated twice in our quest to see the Kyoto National Museum (ok, I was the one who really wanted to go), and this was the last full day in Kyoto so I was determined that we were going!

There was a special exhibition going for "The Age of Sakamoto Ryoma", apparantly he was a great revolutionary at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate...he was assasinated...they had a screen with some of his blood on it from the assasination ~_~;.  The exhibit was pretty interesting...there were some english explanations, just not very many (later we found some computers that went through the high points of the exhibiton in more detail).  The main part of the museum was more interesting.  Lots of sculpure and the like, but there was also a textile display that I found fascinating (I don't think V was quite as enthralled *shrugs*).  We wandered around for a couple of hours...did you know that they have a prototype of the Thinker in their garden?  didn't think so.

After we finished there, we went and wandered around in Gion again, and also wandered around the main entertainment area between Gion and our hotel.  However, there isn't much to report about it...we didn't really do anything interesting....with the possible exception of me introducing Virginia to 100 yen stores ^_^.  And then there was packing...and other boring things of a similar nature.

Next - Onward! more trains and museums.

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