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Visit school hell...

This is from last tuesday...

I've just about written off Kanuma nogyo students, I know I shouldn't stereotype them but today was terrible. They seem very active in comparison with Kanuma koko students but that's not really a good thing in this case. This tuesday was my first time going to a visit school and, just my luck, it was my lowest level school. I have to get to this school by bike and since I'd only ever been there by car, I gave myself 50 minutes to do a 25 min ride. It was a good thing I did because it took me almost 40 minutes to get there. I misidentified landmarks, turned far too early and promptly got myself lost. I came up the hill on the wrong side of the tree belt and had to ask directions twice before I found the place. When I got there I was met by some teachers at the gate so I went and changed and was introduced to the teachers by the principal at the morning meeting and was taken off to the english/math teachers room (there are only 2 english teachers). There I learned one of the bright points of my day...I have internet access at my desk! The rest of the day went downhill. I taught 4 classes in blocks of two. The students couldn't have cared less about learning. While I was doing my card activity I only got attention from the pair of students I was actively questioning at any point in time. The rest of the class was off doing their own thing: reading manga, talking (on cells or with other students), sleeping, looking out the window...everything except paying attention. The japanese teacher didn't do anything to stop it (which I gather is the norm for japanese teachers). On top ov everything else, I don't think hapf of them really understood what I was saying, and it was all in simple english. I don't think the teacher knew what was going on at times. I think I'll play games with them for the rest of the year, they'll be games with english merit but I'm not going through another day like tuesday if I can help it. On the plus side, I get to go home when school is done, whever that is, I don't have to hang around unless I want to.

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