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The party...

From saturday the 4th...

This saturday Leigh Ann and I threw a belated birthday party for each other. We invited all the Kanuma girls of course, as well as some of her friends from around Tochigi (both JETs and Japanese). Well, Jacq couldn't come but the other two did and three of Leigh Ann's Japanese friends came (one high school aged, the other two older). We went out to eat at an okonomiyaki place. The center of the table is a large flat griddle and you order a mix of things that come to you in a large bowl, uncooked. Mix that up and pour it on the griddle and it makes a pancake with all the stuff you ordered inside (I had something with prawns, squid and octopus in it)you're supposed to eat it with this black sauce but I don't like the sauce. While we were in the restaurant (really cool design with sunken spaces under the tables for your feet so sitting on the floor isn't bad) it started to pour. This wasn't just rain either, it was thunder and lightning and wind,rain coming down in sheets. Fortunatly by the time we finished in the restaurant the rain had started to slacken and it was only rain. From dinner we went to a Lawsons (like a 7-11) and bought drinks to take into the Shidax Karaoke place (drinks bought inside are very expensive). We were at karaoke for 3 hours, it was a blast! Instead of one big room for all the patrons, japanese karaoke is in little rooms that just your group goes into, rented by the hour. The room has a table or two, seats, a karaoke machine and 2 mics. You pick the songs out of the books there, plug them into the machine and enjoy. I could have stayed longer (most of us could have) but it was getting late so we called it a night.

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