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Tokyo Disneyland!

This last saturday (11th), a group of us wen't to Tokyo Disneyland. It was great fun. The group was: Me, Jessica, Jacq, Tara, Dave (from England, another JET) and Anita (from Australia). We (those of us from Kanuma) started out on the 7:14 train and met the other two along the way. We got to the park about 9:30 or so. Inside it's really alot like Disneyland in California, very commercial, lines everywhere but it was still alot of fun. One different thing about Tokyo Disneyland is this system called "Fastpass" that they have for the most popular rides. You put you ticket into a machine at the head of the rides line and it gives you a ticket for a time in the future (you have an hour of time to use the ticket once it becomes valid)with this ticket you can get into a fast lane and get on the ride without spending hours in line. I think every ammusement park should adopt the system, it works really well. So we did the basic wander and rides and buying frivolous things and had a grat time. It was a really long day, we didn't get back until around 9:30 or 10. So I was really tired and then had to get up early again to go to soccer practice so this weekend has been really full without much downtime. (Not that I didn't enjoy it ^_^)

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