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Since you've asked so nicely ^_~
Saturday there was a pre-saint Patrick's day event in Yokohama.  I wasn't originally going to go, but I was convinced to attend on friday.  (for those of you that don't know, Yokohama is just south of Tokyo)

I started down with Neil (another Kanuma ALT) around 3, so we got there about 6 (there was a parade before that) and joined the party already in session at an Irish pub (I don't remember the name, but it was nice)  There, we met up with Dan (from Nikko), and Shane (from Imaichi).  So much fun!  They also have the best pizza I've had in Japan yet....mmmmmmmm.....  stayed there until they closed at midnight.

From there, we went down the street (this is me and the three mentioned above) to a dance club we'd been recommeded to, with a brief stop at 7-11 for genki drinks.  The other three were quite drunk by this point, though I wasn't.   On the way to this club, we were stopped by some sketchy guys advertising another place...but we didn't take them up on it.  Upon arrival at "Club B", it was pretty compatriots wanted to leave, but we didn't know where we would go AND we'd already paid the cover (I love being female at times like this, gets me nice discounts into clubs).  Fortunatly it picked up (a lot!!) so they stopped complaining.  Since we stayed until around 5am, I got to do lots of dancing (a fact that my feet complained bitterly of on sunday).

So that brings us to 5am of what has already been a long day...trains have started running again, so if I wanted to I could get home around 9am or so (Neil and Shane did this, heading straight back).  However, I'd decided that there was some shopping in Tokyo that I wanted to do and since I was already there....

Since I had been dancing most of the night, I wasn't really tired yet (keeping moving helps with that), also I hadn't been drinking much so I wasn't at all sick (unlike the others, I do not envy any of them their hangovers).  So I (and Dan who was meeting a friend in Tokyo later) went in to Shibuya and hung around the station until things started to open.  I can tell you all that the Shibuya Starbucks is the first place to open (after the station itself) and it happens at 7.

I left Dan in the Starbucks around 9, and headed off to see if I could start my shopping as I didn't feel like sitting around any more. (Though, if you like to people watch, the windows that overlook the Shibuya station crossing are perfect early in the morning.)  Starting off in Harajuku, I sat around in Yoyogi park for a bit...then had to stand in line for almost 2 hours until I could get into the JE shop...the line was insane, but by the time I realized...I was already comitted and couldn't/wouldn't leave.  I have many new pictures now!  I want to share....but I am lacking in scannerage...*is sad*  also, the K8 calendar is so shiny! I can't decide where to put it...or the poster....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Finally having finished that, did some more shopping in Shinjuku (Kinokunia, you are my friend forever) and caught the 4pm train home from Asakusa.

So yes, yay for all nighters in Yokohama  AND shopping in Tokyo afterwards (even if my feet were ready to declare war by the end), I had a great weekend..but I'm exhausted now ('twas good I only have one class on mondays, and it's afternoon).  I also have some funky mystery bruises on my legs, small but quite deep...I don't remember running into anything...
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