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Last visit school

Today I went to Awano high, way out in the hills. Leigh Ann was kind enough to give me a ride since she works at Awano Junior high school. They had a little welcome ceremony just for me and I did my speach again and went back to the teachers room. Today I only taught the san-nensei kids (3rd year) and there are only 3 classes of them (9 in the entire school). The school is tiny, maybe less than 150 students, in the ichi-ninsei at Kanuma koko alone I have 280 students. I only teach one grade each time I'm there so next time I'll be working with a different teacher and a different set of students. It seemed pretty easy, they have better listening skills than the nogyo students do, and they are more willing to speak (they'd rather speak in japanese but they will do engish if prompted). The only bad part about this school is that I either have to take the bus in the morning or get Leigh Ann to give me a ride and I have to catch a certain bus to get home. The buses only come about once every hour or so, sometimes farther apart, so if I miss one I'm in real trouble, especially if it's in the morning.

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