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tochigi tournament

Finally, I remember to tell everyone what I was doing last weekend... so, it was the Tochigi soccer tournament (so much better than Nagano!). The weather was mostly nice and we played some good games. On the first day we won our first game (at 9:30 am >_<) 4-3, we lost the second one (after sitting around for 3 hours) 0-3 and also lost the third and last one 2-3(I think). So we were placed in the Plate bracket. Sunday (after going out in Utsu the night before and being so tired I went home early) we also played three games. In the first game, I scored a goal!!!! This has never happened to me before here, I was very excited, we won that game 4-0. Then we played a rather tough team, they aren't very good sports and their best player tends to fake injury to get the ref to stop time. However, we beat them 3-2...they were not pleased and sat behind one of the goals heckling us for our last game..... The final was against Yamenashi...they are excelent players and I wasn't too sad when we lost to them in penalty kicks (the score was 1-1), especially since last year they flattened us!

The result was that we (the Tochigi Foxes) were second in the Plate bracket...and I was so worn out and stiff that I couldn't move after I got home sunday night (in fact, I'm still a bit sore!).
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