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Sorry it took so long, none of the pictures on my camera turned out ^__^, so I had to track down some from Christy.

So on the 30th of April, Christy and I went down to Harajuku with the express purpose of sitting on the bridge and getting our pictures taken as many times as possible.  To this end, we assembled our costumes.

I wore my new black underbust corset (fyi- that's the last time I bone anything with aluminum, it may be light but it doesn't flex at all in small lengths, AND it's a pain to bend into shape permanently), it was over a japanese kimono style coat (you can't see it, but the fabric has a black on black design of fans), also it took me forever to set the spikes into that choker...I'm sure my neighbors loved me on Saturday.

look! I'm pseudo-goth...superficially anyway.  Please ignore the camera ^__^

Christy  was Rainbow....something (Kitty I guess), that girl has very colorful clothing hanging around in her closet.

ghetto kitty

When I first saw her costume I thought *well, everyone will ignore me*...but that was not the case!

There was no shortage of photographer attention while we were on the bridge.  At one point I had my own mob of 4 or 5 professionals taking pictures at once (and just of me, I felt so loved!).  I had much fun, I will be returning again ^_~  Also, if the photographers recognize you, they give you prints from previous times.

Of course, on the way down and walking around Tokyo, we got a lot of attention, but I find that I don't mind being stared at when I'm in costume (at least not as much).  I expect to be watched if I've taken the time to get all dressed up like that...I think I'd be insulted if people didn't look at me.  (Though, for the most part, it's just looking...unless they want to take your picture, no one comes up to you.)
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