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I need a 'contented' emoticon...

Some of you know that I have a fifth school (thus making four visit schools) that I only go to about twice a year. This is the local Blind school (they have all ages from elementary to senior high). A visit there makes for a fairly exhausting day, but the kids are pretty good (for the most part) and I enjoy it.

Today was my second visit.

I was sent a schedule beforehand, so I knew that there was a "professional class" scheduled, but I didn't know what that meant. Turned out that meant that I got a massage from a 44 year old ex-banker who is taking the massage/acupuncture/moxibustion certification program that the school offers. So I got a half hour shoulder/back/arm/hand massage...mmmmmmmmmmmm..... so nice ^____________^ Also, something even better happened! In the elementary class, there is a kid who wouldn't let me touch him at all last time. He was also so shy that he wouldn't say his self-intro at the beginning of class today. However! Today he voluntarily held my hand during the game and at the end of class he came up to me and did his self-intro, including the handshake! (I was so proud of him ^_^).
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