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concert report : 8.8.2006 kobe

So yes, I'm back ^______^

This is the first of my vacation reports, featuring: the w-inds. concert in kobe on the 8th.  Because I went with konzatsu, and she had her computer, there is already a detailed con report (that took the two of us 4 hours to create).  Therefore, I point you to that post [HERE]

HOWEVER I ask that you comment to this post (because otherwise I won't have any idea when comentage has happened ^__________^

Long story short, both concerts were wonderful, and I'm really looking forward to the budokan show on the 30th!

Also, tabris, I picked up 1st message, SOA, w-inds. tv, and works 3, in a
tiny shop in Osaka.  Before I even checked into the hotel (they gave me the 'presents', which are just photo albums, no pictures).
Tags: travel, w-inds.

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