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Finally Fall...

I think it may finally be fall. The last few days have been significantly cooler and there has been alot more rain lately. Up until 9/24 I was happily sleeping under just a sheet, and with the airconditioning on more often than not, but that time is now at an end. It's been in the very low 20s for the last few days (thats C not F). The weather change is both a good and a bad thing. Good because I won't be spending the money on the airconditioning to make the apartment livable, and bad because they took away my heaters (they were kerosene and aparantly I can't have that type in the apartment) when I moved in and I haven't been given any more (they did promise to get me some when the weather turned cold). It's not a big deal yet, it hasn't gotten cold enough to even need a coat outside yet, but when winter comes I'll need/want heat and I hope they can act quickly when I ask (quick in the japanese timeframe at least). I do have tons of blankets in the apt so at least I can retreat to bed if it gets too bad.

brief teaser of things to come...This coming weekend I'm going to Nagano with alot of tochigi people to take part in the JET soccer tournament. I'm the captain of the second tochigi womens team, the Vixens (the base team is the Foxes), we had enough people who wanted to come that we had to field two teams (mostly because it's only 6 people a side but you can't win them all). It should be alot of fun, stay tuned for further news. ^_^

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