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and I thought I would be deprived of 100yen stores after August.

Thank you, Daiso.

From the Seattle Times Online -

Japanese mega-chain Daiso plans a grand opening Saturday at noon for its Westlake Center "100-yen" store. The downtown Seattle store — Daiso's fourth location here — features over 3,000 items, most priced at $1.50 apiece. With more than 2,400 stores in Japan and 400 in other parts of Asia and the Middle East, Daiso designs and manufactures most its items, keeping down costs. The store's appeal: Everything from its dishes to notebooks feature aesthetically pleasing (and cute) Japanese designs. The Hiroshima-based company opened its first U.S. location at Alderwood in fall 2005. It plans to eventually open 20 stores in the region. — MSO
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