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last weekend

I know I promised all of you the full details of the soccer tournament in Nagano but this week has been really long so here it finally is.

Since we had to be in Utsunomiya for the bus at about 5:30 am, we (most of the Kanuma girls) spent the night at Cat and Will's place in Uts. We got there pretty late on friday and some people didn't sleep at all (I did for about 4 hours and I was woken up in the morning by those who didn't). So after a long bus ride, in which we passed a volcano that has been blowing off steam for a while, we got into Nagano at around 10 with almost no time to spare before I (the only member of the Vixens who knew the rules) had to ref a game. That was not fun, but with only 15 minute halves at least it was short. Directly after that we had our first game which we lost 5-0. The other 2 games of the day didn't go much better score wise (9-0 and 5-0) but we improved greatly as a team. (considering most of us had never played soccer before.) That first dy was mostly sunny and I got sunburned on my forearms and the backs of my knees without realizing it. Sunday it rained from before we got up to long after we got back to Uts. The first and only game we played was aginst the Foxes(out base team) and we lost again but that meant that they went on to win our division so that was ok. After that game I had to ref again and about half way through the game it started raining like we were standing under a waterfall. I was soaked to the skin even with the layers and water resistant stuff I was wearing and of course all my dry clothes were back in the otel and we couldn't go get them until the boys had finished their games (and since they won their division too that took a while). So the rest of sunday wasn't mush fun. Before we left Nagano we used the onsens for the last time (hot spring baths), I like them so much! I wish they were as commmon in the US as they are in Japan. So all in all it was a really long weekend but it was mostly fun and I liked being out with the other soccer players.

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