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Digital Camera goodness

I bought a digital camera today. It's a Cannon IXY digital with 4 megapixels and it's smaller than a pack of cigarettes! Getting it was a bit of a hassel. First I rode my bike up a killer hill to get to the street that the electronic store is on...lemme tell you that is not fun in the heat we were having today. Then when I'd picked out the camera and I was going to pay they told me that they didn't take travelers checks (even ones in yen!). So then I had to leave the camera there and bike down the street about 6 blocks to the nearest branch of my bank so I could withdraw money. Since I didn't have any real idea where the bank was, except the direction on the street I was supposed to go, it was a bit frusterating. But I did finally find the place so now I have my camera!

Nothing else has really happened today, it's been too hot to do anything really. On saturday I will be going in to Tokyo with some of the other JETs. We're going to Costco and some other places in the area. It will be nice to have some food that I can read the cooking directions on.

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