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Expedition to Nikko

Well, Lorenzo couldn't come up to Kanuma again this weekend so, since I was planning to go out to Nikko and I had another three day weekend, I decided that I'd go by myself. I got off much later than I planned to, mostly due to my own lazyness and not wanting to get out of bed this morning. So I didn't get to the train station until around 12:20 and the next train didn't leave until 12:58 so I waited around at the train station and as I waited more and more students from Kanuma high arrived. It seems that test days aren't as long for the ones taking the tests. In Nikko I got the combination ticket that let me into five of the six parts of the complex. It was fascinating, both from a historical and architectural perspective, there was so much to look at that I will have to go back again to be sure of seeing everything. I don't have the words to truly describe what the temples and shrines were like so I won't try right now, you'll just have to look at the pictures later.

On the way back to the train station a lucky thing happened. I was walking down the sidewalk and I happened to see a tiny used/antique clothing store that sold kimono and obi's that was having a sale (due, I think to their fall festival having been the day before). When I walked in there was an older gaigin (french I think) trying on a kimono. When she was done I did the same and the upshot of it all is that I am now the owner of quite a nice antique (but not too old I think) kimono and an obi of the style that doesn't take alot of complicated tying (I want a different one later of the traditional style, the field of my new kimono is black so most colors will go quite well with it). And, the whole ensemble, due to the sale (50%on some things), didn't cost me an arm and a leg! (which is what I was anticipating I might have to pay to get a winter weight kimono).

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