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the name meme

tagged by konzatsu

rules: post the explanation of where your username came from. then tag ten users whose explanations you'd like to hear. if you are tagged, then post the explanation to your page.

Explanation: My username comes from one of my first roleplaying characters.

In university, I started doing online journal roleplaying (yahoo groups) as well as live action at conventions and around campus. We mostly played elves of various types. Kenaressa was a woodelf with serious issues....she'd been a drow slave for a while.... Anyway, she was my first character that was actually a full character.

I've since branched out into more types of rp. I haven't played Kenaressa in years, however, I've kept the name for almost all my usernames online. It's nice to have something consistent (plus I like the name ^__^ ).

tagging: I'm not actually going to tag anyone....if you feel your name is odd or often misunderstood, please feel free to do this!
Tags: friends, meme

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