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Tuesday adventures....

Yesterday was nogyo again. The day wen't pretty well, they'd just had midterms so most of the class was going over the tests but we played hangman for the rest and I think it went well. I'll try the word associaton "I'm going camping and I'm bringing..." next time when I have a whole class to do it in.

The real adventures this week happened after school was over (not counting the cows...did I mention that they have cows? I have pictures now). My front tire on my bike had been low on the way to school, not much I could do about it by the time I noticed, and I thought I'd need to pump it up before I left. Well, I was right, but I didn't know the extent of my need. When I went out at the end of school to get my bike, the front tire was as flat as it is possible to get and still have a tire. In fact, the tire was comming off the bicycle because there was no air in the innertube. So I brought the bike over to a couple of teachers that were standing outside (at least I think they were teachers, they could have been maintinance type people...) and showed them the problem. One of them took the bike and took apart the wheel and checked the whole innertube in water for leaks and patched the one he found. It was wonderful! He even fixed the front brake in the process of putting it back together, now I only need the back brake tightened. It made for a longer day (and it was raining again...thanks to the raingear my parents sent over I didn't get soaked!) but I was so grateful to him for doing it.

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