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Test days are so boring....

It's true, today was the last day of midterms at Kanuma koko and I had to go because today was the day the students took the OC test. Well, they took the test in the first period and that was a good thing because I spent the rest of the day, from 10 to 5, grading those tests. And I do mean the rest of the day, I took very few breaks because I wanted to be finished with them today, I didn't need that bit of work hanging around! so 280 tests later I finally got to go home, so boring and yet exhausting at the same time. But I'm done...until finals roll around ^_^;; Now it's raining again, the 23rd typhoon is coming. It's bigger than al the others, all of Japan almost fits into the storm zone! and it looks like it'll pass right below Tochigi (I'm so glad I'm on the second floor in the middle of a flat part of the city, I won't be flooded out and there are no hills to fall on me).

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