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Well, if you've been watching/reading the news from this side of the world then you know that Japan had a pretty big earthquake on saturday (friday to all you people back in the Pacific Northwest). Those of us here in Tochigi felt all of them (there were three with numerous aftershocks) but there wasn't any damage, nothing even fell off my shelves. All the real damage and injuries happened to the northwest of us in Niigata (I think... you can look it up). So I'm fine, no change in my life except all the news I'm watching now is about the earthquakes and the clean-up that's going on now.

In other news, Lorenzo finally made it up here! So last sunday...yesterday, we went out to Nikko and I got to play tour guide and show him around. It was lots of fun and it was really nice to finally see him, now I'll have to return the favor and go see his new place in Kawagoe. ^_^

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