Clareness (kenaressa) wrote,

more productivity

Things planted today:

(1 pot) WallaWalla sweet onions
(1 pot) Shallots
(2) Tomatos
(3) Peppers
(2 envelopes) Swiss chard
(1 envelope) Spinach
(1 envelope) Green lettuce
(1 envelope) Purple lettuce
(1 envelope) Purple bush beans
(1 envelope) Green bush beans
(2 full rows) Purple onion starts

Things moved and re-planted:

(3) Acorn squash
(2) Pattypan squash

Things still to plant:

(1 pot) Fennel
(2 pots) Dill
(2 pounds) Yukon gold potato starts
Tags: gardening is a labor intensive sport

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