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4 days!!!!

I get to go home in 4 days! I only have 3 regular classes left (plus a day a Nogyo, doing carols)! I get a bit more than 2 weeks off! Can you tell I'm really looking forward to it? I thought so ^_^

On friday was the end of the year party for school. It was interesting, we went into Utsunomiya (a half-hour drive usually but it took our bus an hour) to a hotel, the same hotel where the Jets stayed during the first orientation actually. The food wasn't too bad, there were only a few things that I didn't want to eat (the most obvious being a trio of tiny fish that had been fried whole with their heads stuck together), and most of it was pretty good. There was the usual preocupation with alcohol that I'm told is in all Japanese parties (this being my first foray into the world). After awhile some of the teachers that had never talked to me before came up and started speaking english! It probably won't happen at school but it was still nice. There are two young people working in our office (one male, one female), they are both 20 and they were both at the party. The woman didn't do a whole lot, she sat with the other office ladys and talked, but the man.....well, he did alot of drink pouring and it seems that most of the people who he poured drinks for reciprocated. By the time we left (two and a half hours later) he could barely walk. Fortunatly he was a very happy drunk and he lives (I think) in the same city that the girl does so he wasn't on the train alone (if he had been I'm not sure he would have gotten off at his stop). All in all, the party was fun, I enjoyed myself (and I tried all 5 of the sake's that were there, there are so many choices!)

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