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hat dragon - Artist

cosplay ideas?

So, dear flist...I've got a bit less than a month until Fanime (which I will be working) and I want to put together a costume for it.....but I have no good ideas >_>

So! Needs to be something I can run around in and not die in potential hot SanJose weather, I need to have a full range of motion so I can work in it (this is why I'm not taking part of my kickass Sakura costume, the top doesn't let me raise my arms hardly at all), and it would be really nice not to have to worry about a wig...my hair right now is a bit past my shoulders, cut kinda layered (grown out) and brown....

Any ideas? I'm a pretty awesome costumer, if I do say so myself, but I need ideas/pictures!
sinfest - being alive

I'm home!

Con is finished! I'm back in my land of not super hot sunshine! (this is actually a really good thing as I caught quite a bit of sun just today and I wasn't even outside all that much!) And I'm almost not sick at all anymore! 24 hr bug for the win!!

Fanimecon was pretty awesome, though Musicfest was way more laidback in comparison to last year (though the apocalypse might have been more laidback than last year....). I met some new cool people, got to see other cool people again and infected everyone in my room with the evil 24hr cold. Awesomesauce, fear me and my infectious touch! Muahahahahahahaha!! At least they all get to be sick after con...though it still sucks because of other work of course.